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How to clean your hot tub pipes

No matter how clean your water looks, if your hot tub pipes and plumbing are dirty, your water won’t be truly clean. Although they’re out of sight, over time hot tub pipes can get a build up dirt and debris. Here’s how to flush them out to keep your hot tub clean and sanitary…

How to clean your hot tub pipes

To keep your hot tub pipes clean it’s best to flush out your pipes each time you drain your hot tub. This should be done every three months so it’s good practice to clean your pipes each time you empty the tub.

We recommend using Swirl Away, this is a product specifically designed to flush out dirt and debris from your pipes.

How to clean your hot tub pipes

How to use Swirl Away

Swirl Away is very simple to use. It effectively cleans away grime, micro-organisms and any other foreign matter that has found its way inside your tub tub pipes.

  • Just before you drain your hot tub, add the Swirl Away to your hot tub water. The right amount for your hot tub size will be indicated on the bottle. 
  • Once added to the water, let your hot tub run with the jets on for at least an hour. This will allow Swirl Away to flush through the pipes and loosen any dirt.
  • After an hour, drain the water as usual. 

Pipes still blocked or dirty?

If flushing your pipes with Swirl Away didn’t solve the problem, then you might need a professional service. Take a look at our servicing packages for more information. 


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