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Hot tub troubleshooting: Get rid of hot tub foam

Hot tub troubleshooting: Get rid of hot tub foam

Hot tub foam can be a common issue for hot tub owners, but luckily it can be easily resolved. 

What causes hot tub foam?

Hot tub foam is normally caused by a build-up of detergent. This detergent gets into the hot tub via users who have traces of:

  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • body products
  • detergent and fabric softener on swimwear
  • deodorant
  • moisturiser
  • or hair styling products on their bodies.

Foam can also sometimes be caused or made worse by a water imbalance.

How to get rid of hot tub foam

If your hot tub is foamy, the first step is to check water levels and make any adjustments required. Shocking the water can also help reduce foam.

Once the water is balanced, use Foam Away to reduce foam and inhibit further foam. To use, just add a few drops to your hot tub water. This should be enough to dissolve foam.

If foam persists or if it has been more than three months since you’ve changed the water, change the water. Changing the water is the best way to completely get rid of foam. Remember to clean out pipes using Hot Tub Flush and also the filter using filter cleaner before you refill.

Hot tub troubleshooting: Get rid of hot tub foam

How to prevent hot tub foam

There’s several things you can do to prevent hot tub foam, these include:

  • Emptying your hot tub every three months.
  • Always shower with water only before using the hot tub, remembering to also wash your hair.
  • Use Non Chlorine Shock, especially after heavy use.
  • Use Foam Away at the first sign of foam in the water.
  • Don’t wash swimwear with detergent or rinse swimwear after washing to reduce detergent. You can also designate a bathing suit just for spa use to prevent it from coming into contact with foaming detergents elsewhere.
  • Clean the filter regularly and replace filters every 12 months.