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Hot tub troubleshooting: Get rid of hot tub scum

Noticing an oily scum on top of your hot tub water, or a scum line around the waterline? Hot tub scum is unpleasant, but easily treated and prevented. 

What causes scum?

Hot tub scum is normally caused by a build up of oils, dirt and lotions in your hot tub water.

How to remove hot tub scum?

If you have a small amount of scum just on the surface of the water, you can simply skim it off using a clean rag.

If the scum is severe, you will need to drain your hot tub. Once drained, use waterline cleaner to remove the scum from the water line. Waterline cleaner effectively removes scum lines without damaging your hot tub. Also make sure you give your filters a deep clean with an overnight soak using Cartridge Cleaner or Filter Cleaner Liquid.

To ensure scum is free from your pipes, it’s also a good idea to use Swirl Away while your hot tub is drained. This removes unseen oil, grime and dirt from your hot tub plumbing system.

Hot tub troubleshooting: Get rid of hot tub scum

How to prevent hot tub scum

Once your hot tub is free from scum, there are a few things you can do to prevent scum from reappearing.

  • Do not enter the hot tub wearing lotions or oils. Ideally, everyone should shower before entering the hot tub – this will prevent body lotions, oils and creams from entering the hot tub water.
  • Maintain good water quality by regular testing.
  • Ensure your filter is working correctly and clean or replace if needed.
  • Drain your hot tub every three months and have it regularly serviced.
  • Keep the hot tub covered when not in use to stop dirt getting into the water.

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