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Tri-X Filters – A Unique Key to HotSpring’s Perfect Water

Tri-X Filters

When indulging in your own Hotspring spa, wouldn’t you want the smoothest, softest, cleanest, clearest, crispest water possible to relax in?

How would you like this amazing spa water experience to also come with minimal maintenance?

Well, HotSpring’s Highlife range spas can guarantee you perfect water anytime you want to enjoy your spa, 365 days per year.
And one of the features that make this possible are HotSpring’s completely unique Tri-X filters.

So if the greatest spa ownership experience is what you want, let’s discover how HotSpring’s Tri -X filters are a key to making this possible.

Quality structure

HotSpring’s Highlife range Tri-X filters are crafted from a ceramic-like material, creating a robust 3-dimensional structure with a large surface area spanning 65 square feet.

This produces the highest cleaning performance that is also twice as fast as comparative ‘paper filters’, so HotSpring spas crystal clear & clean water can get straight back to doing its job of providing the greatest hydromassage to your body.


The cleanest water possible

HotSpring’s Highlife range provides 100% filtration of all the water within the spa, meaning no water is released back into the tub through the hydromassage jets until it has been thoroughly cleaned. This unique feature of the Highlife ranges 100% water filtration system, working alongside the Tri-X filters, creates the cleanest, clearest, crispest water possible in any spa available.

The lowest maintenance

One of the many benefits of owning your own Highlife HotSpring spa is how easy they are to maintain, keeping cleaning the hot tub to a minimum and so maximising your time and enjoyment hot-tubbing. HotSpring’s Tri-X filters can be easily cleaned simply by placing them in the dishwasher. How’s that for ease and efficiency?

The longest lifespan

HotSpring’s Highlife range spas are designed to be the hallmark of quality, and this goes for every component that goes into creating our spas. Whilst standard ‘paper filters’ require regular changes, often necessitating you to buy a replacement every 12-months, HotSpring’s Tri-X filters can remain fully effective for up to seven years, saving you money, whilst providing the cleanest water possible with absolutely minimal maintenance.


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