Water Care

When do I need to empty my hot tub?

When do I need to empty my hot tub?

As members of Bishta (British and Irish Swimming pool and hot tub association) we would always recommend that you change the water ever three months regardless of use due to residue product build up in the water.

The more often a hot tub is used, the more it will get a build up of detergent – this comes from toiletries worn by people using the hot tub and also from swimwear. The build up of detergent eventually causes the water to foam up and the water will need to be changed.

You’ll be able to tell if your water needs changing sooner than three months. If your water is foamy or smells bad, it’s time to change the water.

Leaving it longer than this means the water you’re soaking in may not be sanitary – and no one wants to relax in unsanitary water!

Other times you need to empty your hot tub

There may be other times you need to empty your hot tub, they include…

  • If you have a problem, such as:
  • If you want to move your hot tub
  • If you are not going to use it over winter and want to winterise it
  • You will be away for more than 14 days

When do I need to empty my hot tub?

You’ll also need to empty your hot tub if you’re having a bronze hot tub service. To minimise effort, we recommend timing your service for when you expect to change the water in your hot tub any way.

Tips for emptying your hot tub

  • Choose a time when the temperature is above 10c
  • Disconnect the hot tub from the mains