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Hot Tub Conditioner


The ultimate product for regular oxidation of spa water. Supplied in a convenient 35g one-treatment sachet. Spa Fusion destroys bathers waste, whilst a built-in clarifier helps to achieve sparkling clear spa water.

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Hot Tub Conditioner 120ml for your hot tub or spa. Hot Tub Conditioner is a blend of salts, flocculants and biocides designed to enhance the quality and feel of your hot tub water, control bacterial harboring minerals and prevent biofilm formation. Hot Tub Conditioner minimises chlorine or sanitiser consumption, cleans all parts of the hot tub including pipe-work, it enhances water quality via essential salts and controls scale with water softening agents.

Hot Tub Conditioner is easy to use – enhances the Hot Tub experience!

  • Minimises Chlorine Or Sanitiser Consumption
    Hot Tub Conditioner contains two biocides that ensure hot tubs consume chlorine less rapidly. These biocides work synergistically with free chlorine to reduce sanitiser consumption and prevent biofilm build up.
  • Cleans All Parts Of The Hot Tub
    Hot Tub Conditioner contains a powerful blend of degreasing and cleansing agents (including ionic, non-ionic and hydrotropic cleaners). This combination helps break down and remove dirt, grease, fat and protein based contamination and deposits.
  • Enhanced Water Quality
    Hot Tub Conditioner contains a blend of salts to improve the feel and condition of the water. Added salts have a beneficial feel for the skin and make the water feel ‘softer’.
  • Clarifying Through Flocculation
    Hot Tub Conditioner contains flocculation agents which allow the aggregation of tiny particles that otherwise may not be trapped by the filter or cartridge. This process improves the look and clarity of the water and further assists demands on sanitiser consumption.
  • Control Of Scale
    Hot Tub Conditioner contains a sequestering (‘Calgon’ type) agent to reduce water hardness and prevent the build up of unsightly scale and mineral salts.
  • Enhanced Bathing Experience
    Hot Tub Conditioner contains essential natural lavender oil acting as a skin conditioner at the same time as imparting a relaxing fragrance to the Hot Tub.

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