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How to get rid of hot tub algae

It is very rare to find algae growing inside a well-balanced, clean and sanitised hot tub. However, if you do find evidence of hot tub algae, it is very easy to take care of.

Try to restore pH levels

This may be all it takes to restore your hot tub back to its pre-algae state. Check the levels using our test strips and either use our pH increaser or pH reducer products to bring the water back into balance.

How to get rid of hot tub algae


Follow this by ‘shocking’ the water with sanitiser, such as chlorine and bromine, or try our non-chlorine shock if you’d prefer not to use harsh chemicals. However, if the problem is more severe, you may need to take more thorough and drastic action.

How to get rid of hot tub algae

Drain, wipe, refill

After you have shocked the water, use Swirl Away to flush and clean through the pipes, then drain the water and wipe the sides down. Hot tub algae can appear in many forms and colours, from yellow to black to green. The sides of your hot tub will feel slimy and your water may appear discoloured and cloudy if present. Make sure you clean the jet nozzles and clean or change the filters.

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Prevention is better than cure

If hot tub algae is still present, repeat the process of shocking, drainging and wiping until it is completely clear. To keep algae at bay in the future, keep testing and adjusting your pH levels on a regular basis. Algae cannot grow without sunlight, so make sure to always put your cover back on after you have finished using your hot tub. Finally, follow your product manual guidelines on cleaning and maintenance to ensure you always uphold and clean to enjoy a hygienic hot tub for years to come.

Alternatively, if all of this seems like too much hassle, we do offer a range of servicing packages for our hot tub customers.


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