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Hot tub filters explained

Hot tub water can easily get contaminated – dirt from your feet when getting in, body lotion and detergents from your clothes, plus debris blown in from nearby trees. These can all leave your water dirty, so the filter is there to help keep your water clean.

What are hot tub filters and how do they work?

Hot tub filters are removable cartridges that do exactly as they say – filter the water. Each filter has lots of folds, which trap any particles in the water as it passes through, removing dirt and keeping your hot tub clean and running smoothly.

It’s important that you clean and replace your filters regularly, or they won’t work correctly. If too much dirt and debris are trapped in the folds, your water will become harder to maintain and will put more pressure on the pumps and other hot tub components.

How to clean your hot tub filters

Depending on how often you use your hot tub, filters will need cleaning on average every two weeks and deep cleaning at least once every three months.

Before entering your hot tub, have a shower to clean off any oils, lotions, hair products etc from your body.

After using your hot tub, make sure you wash your shorts and swimming costumes in warm tap water without any detergents.

Regular cleans

At least twice a month.

Hot tub filters explained

Deep cleans

At least once every three months.

  • Rinse with water
  • Use Filter Cleaner to help dissolve oils and stubborn dirt
  • Check filter for damage

Hot tub filters explained

When to replace your hot tub filters

Hot tub filters generally need replacing after about one or two years, depending on how often you’ve been using your hot tub. If you notice any damage to your filters, such as holes, cracking or tears, they’ll need to be replaced.

If you want to replace your filters less often, take a look at our TRI-X filter. It can last up to 10 years which can give you five times as much usage as traditional filters.

Hot tub filters explained

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